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  A modern person spends most of his/her life in a closed space- in indoor spaces. Well-being, mood, efficiency of any person depends on the microclimate in closed spaces.

No doubt the first helper in maintaining a comfortable microclimate is climate control system that allows to control the level of comfort.

Climate control system is the equipment that changes parameters of air in the room: temperature, moisture, movement and purity. At present such appliances also purify and ionize the air.

Our specialists will provide you with any types of climate control and ventilation equipment starting with simple window air-conditioners and wall split air conditioning systems and finishing with complex equipment for ventilation and air conditioning of industrial premises on a turnkey basis. Our company is ready to design and deliver equipment, install and put it into operation, provide guarantee and post-guarantee services; and our experienced specialists will consult you on any questions related to equipment operation.

We offer: 

- Window air-conditioners;

- Portable air-conditioners;

- Multi wall split air-conditioners;

- Wall conditioners (description, technical documentation, certificate);

- Cassette air-conditioners;

- Channel air-conditioner;

- High pressure channel air-conditioners;

- Superfine channel air-conditioners;

- Floor / ceiling air conditioners;

- Column air-conditioner;

-Multizonal air-conditioners;