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Air conditioning, heating, ventilation

A modern person spends most of his/her life in a closed space- in indoor spaces. Well-being, mood, efficiency of any person depends on the microclimate in closed spaces. No doubt the first helper in maintaining a comfortable microclimate is climate control system that allows to control the level of comfort.

Furniture design, assembly

Efficiency of your employees depends on competent arrangement of the work space. The way your company is perceived by visitors, your business partners, clients depends on the esthetics of the visual environment of your office. A professionally organized work space of an office saves space and time.

Office appliances

In modern conditions business success directly depends on ability of all departments of the company to work as one team. A well-arranged infrastructure of the office, from printer to the video surveillance system is one of the most important elements of any company’s success.

Office supplies

It’s hard to imagine the life of a modern office without simple office supplies: pens, markers, clear pockets, paper-folders, copy-books, paper staplers, etc. Parallel Company is an official distributor of the most famous world office supplies brands, such as BRAUBERG, BERLINGO, ERICH KRAUSE, etc.

VIP-presents for clients

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Additional services

Finished a stylish look to any room gives competent registration windows. Specialists of the department "Textile" our company will save you from the hassle of finding a successful design solutions. Also, at your request we can provide the power points of your organization with all necessary.