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Efficiency of your employees depends on competent arrangement of the work space. The way your company is perceived by visitors, your business partners, clients depends on the esthetics of the visual environment of your office.

A professionally organized work space of an office saves space and time. Using special furniture it’s possible to equip any functional office premises: starting with reception area and finishing with the director’s office and meeting and conference halls. The interior of a modern office is aimed not only at work, but it is an integral part of corporate style of any company.

For this purpose a staff of highly professional specialists works in the field of furniture design and furniture deliveries. Their tasks include not only anticipate customers’ expectations, maximum consideration of organomics of the premises, having taken correct measurements, visualizing the project and submitting it to the client for approval, but also offering the most appropriate product from the whole selection of choices on the furniture market in combination with price, quality, comfort and delivery terms.

Our employees remember that ultimately it’s our company who is responsible for the quality of the product that is delivered to our customers!

Our specialists will help you to choose furniture for offices, restaurants, hotels, cottages, concert halls, conference halls, taking into consideration special characteristics of the premises, specificity of work in them, satisfying any requirements: from classics to modern and designer furniture, from economy class furniture to VIP- furniture and exclusive Premium furniture of the leading Russian, European and western manufacturers.

We offer services of professional design and delivery of:

  • Offices for chief executive officers;
  • Office furniture for employees;
  • Reception areas;
  • Furniture for meeting rooms and conference-halls;
  • Metal office furniture, safes;
  • Metal furniture for production premises and warehouses;
  • Cushioned furniture for hotels and recreation facilities;
  • Furniture for schools and kindergartens, etc.


  • Delivery, assembly, arrangement of office furniture;
  • Service and support;
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Additional service: Restoration of wooden doors